Workshop price list

Workshop price list

Espresso Service – £30
Full Cycling Ireland safety and maintenance check
Adjust brakes
Adjust gears
Check tyres and inflate
Basic clean drivetrain
Check bolts are correct tightness
Wipe down frame
Advice on good maintenance

Americano Service – £60
Your Espresso plus,
Service a hub or headset
True wheels, front and rear
Degrease, clean, lube drivetrain

Cappuccino Service – £80
Your Americano plus,
Service another hub or headset
Service bottom bracket

Mochachococcino Service – £140
Strip the bike to bare frame, service, regrease, rebuild. Includes new cables, brake shoes, cable housing.

Extra shots
Adjust gears – £6
Adjust brakes – £6
Install rim brake shoes (per wheel, inc.) – £10 hybrid / £15 road (Shimano brand)
Install disc brake shoes (per wheel, not inc.) – £15
Install brake or gear cable (inc.) – £8
Install brake or gear cable, internal (inc.) – £12
Install cable housing (inc.) – From £3 black
Replace inner tube (inc.) – £10 (with puncture repair £15)
Service bottom bracket – £20
Install new bottom bracket (not inc.) – £20
Press fit headset/bottom bracket (not inc.) – From £40
Service hub (per wheel) – £10
Service headset – £20
Install gear shifter – From £10
Install brake lever – From £10
Install integrated gear/brake – From £20
Fit tyre (per wheel) – £8
Fit lights/rack/child seat – £10
True wheel (per wheel, on bike) – £10
Install grips (inc.) – £15
Install bar tape (removing old tape and clean up) (inc.) – £25 black
Install chain – £8 (Note, if your chain is very worn it is very likely you will need to also replace the cassette on your rear wheel too.)
Install cassette – £10
Install crankset – £20
Install front mechanism – £12
Install rear mechanism – £12
Clean and adjust disc brake shoes, with removal, clean and refit of rotor (per wheel) – £20
Hydraulic brake bleed – £25 per brake, inc. oil
Degrease, clean, lube drivetrain – £15 to £25 (depending on condition)
Fault finding* – Up to £20
Full bike and wheel clean, including removal of drivetrain parts, degrease, clean and lube – £100
General labour cost – £20 per hour

Parts not included except where marked ‘inc.’
Good value pre-loved parts may also be available.

*Most faults on bikes are easy to spot and fix. With my experience and specific tools, even complex issues can be identified and corrected. However, sometimes the real problem can be so elusive I need to charge a little extra time to track down and correct it. Most bike shops will charge you for fault finding without telling you. I prefer to be more transparent.

I’ll let you know when this is going to happen: it involves a strict process of identifying part numbers, swapping out parts and test riding to isolate the exact fault, consulting talk boards and other forums, talking to manufacturers, suppliers and other mechanics. Hopefully, this tried and tested technique will end up solving the problem. But it may result in a delay your bike service. Thanks for your understanding.

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