Winter bike servicing

Are you the kind of bike rider who knows what n+1 is the answer to? If so, you’ll probably be thinking of switching from your best bike just now, onto your winter steed.

But what was the state of your winter bike when you put it away last spring? Did you aim to get a new chain and brake shoes, but they fell off the agenda because you were enjoying being back on your lighter, lither, quicker summer bike so much?

This service is for riders who may have accidentally left their winter training bike in, let’s say, less than tip-top condition when they last put it away.

I’ll service your bike, starting with a decent clean, degrease and re-lube. I’ll check the chain and cassette for wear, check your brake shoes and replace them if necessary, replace any rusted or frayed cables, set and adjust your gears and brakes, check your bearings and bottom bracket, and carry out any other services or repairs required. If you want them, I’ll source and fit mudguards; or will fit any mudguards you supply.

See my general Workshop Price List for costs. I’d recommend my ‘Americano’ service (£80) for your winter bike if you’re going to ensure you can make the most of whatever the weather throws at you.

Special Offer: I’ll put your summer bike to bed!

If you ask me to service your winter bike, I’ll put your summer bike to bed too.

I’ll prepare your summer bike for its winter break, ensuring it’s ready to go just as soon as the weather turns warmer again next spring.

My basic cost for the Summer Bike Slumber service (without parts) is £80, but it will cost you just £60 if you book your winter bike for a service with me too.