Training for the whole community

That Holywood Bike Thing offers a range of individual, small and large group training to improve your own and your family’s cycling life.

Whether one of my ready-made ‘packages’ or something specifically designed for you or your group, I hope you’ll find my passion and years of knowledge helps you make the best of your bike life.

My training programmes:

  • No More Stabilisers!!
  • Sprocket Rocket, kids’ basic skills training
  • Skid Kids, teens’ bike fixes and maintenance
  • Group Road Riding for Beginners
  • One-to-one bike repair and maintenance for adults
  • Corporate/organisational training

No More Stabilisers!!

Is your little one (or not so little one) desperate to get off the stabilisers? Are you trying to get them to move from balance bike to pedals, but struggling to make the transition? Has your child failed to even shown an interest in riding a ‘big’ bike, for fear of falling?

Often it’s a change of approach, environment and – let’s admit it – instructor that makes all the difference.

I have years of experience transitioning kids from their stabilisers or balance bikes, onto pedals. I offer a comfortable and safe environment, and a passion for kids riding their bikes.

I offer as many one hour sessions as your child needs to become confident mini-cyclists, without the need for stabilisers. You can be present if you like, but I’ll ask you to be at a distance so your child isn’t distracted as I roll out my step-by-step process.

And Step 1 is removing those stabilisers forever.

Cost: £20 per hour
Location: Seapark Cricket Club grounds, weather dependent
Hours: To suit you and your child

Sprocket Rocket, kids’ bike skills

This Cycling Ireland programme aims to take children from tentatively riding their bikes to becoming expert bike handlers, through a series of specific skills training modules.

Fully certified to deliver the programme, I can offer ‘slices’ of the scheme to your child or group of children depending on their needs, or deliver the full six week one-hour programme regularly for your school, Scout or Guide group, church, community group, association or group of friends. (16-weeks for younger children)

Participants in the full programme receive a record book, stickers, high visibility vest, goody bag and completion certificate.

Sprocket Rocket is also available to adults and groups who lack confidence in basic bike skills such as bike checking, braking, indicating, balance, negotiating obstacles and turning safely.

Individual costs: From £20 per hour, per participant
Full course cost: Up to £100 per participant, dependent on number, duration of course, venue etc. Please contact me for more information.

Skid Kids

Skid Kids is my teen-focussed programme to further enthuse your teens to ride their bikes, by showing them how to fix the most frequent mechanical problems they’re likely to encounter.

I know kids love riding fast, jumping, pulling wheelies and generally abusing their bike, because I loved that stuff too. But heavy duty use means bikes need to be re-tuned and fixed more often. Let the fun continue!

I take up to six secondary school age kids (11-16), with their bikes, and show them the most useful fixes they can do at the roadside and in your family garage or back garden. I’ll show them how to look after their bikes, ensure they’re safe, make necessary adjustments, but also how to make the most of bike functions many of us miss.

Skid Kids is available as a one-to-one or one-to-two programme upon request, but I also offer it as a single morning or afternoon session for up to six young people. We’ll not only share maintenance tips and tricks, but we’ll ride our bikes and have fun too.

Keen parents and carers are welcome to attend at a reduced rate, when accompanying their child.

Cost: £35 per child per half-day session (+ £20 for any accompanying adult)
Cost: £25 per hour, one-to-one/two
Location: Seapark, weather dependent
Hours: A full morning or afternoon, see Facebook page for upcoming sessions or contact me to organise a one-to-one/two.

Group Road Riding for Beginners

Do you secretly envy those seemingly huge groups of cyclists who seem to whiz by you when you’re riding your bike, or when you’re sitting in your car behind dreaming of getting on two wheels yourself?

Many keen cyclists would like to start riding in a group on the road, but there may be loads of things putting you off: will I be fast enough? Is my bike good enough? Will I get left behind? Might I cause an accident? I don’t know the signals. I don’t have the kit. Will they ride too far, too fast and I’ll look like a fool for even turning up?

My Group Road Riding for Beginners offers you safe, non-judgemental training and advice for riding in a group, tackling the deepest fears that are preventing you from giving it a go.

No question is too basic. No previous experience necessary.

We’ll tackle everything from how to choose the right group for you, to understanding how a group ride works together on the road; how to keep and maintain the pace of your group, to how to ride more efficiently to maintain energy.

You’ll learn about group responsibility, safe braking and distances and the importance of ‘road captains’. You’ll learn group riding etiquette, the calls, slang and hand signals, how to deal with vehicles, tractors and horses, and how to at least look like you know what someone means when they tell you about their latest ‘deep section rims’ or ‘slammed headset’.

And of course, you’ll learn about the best coffee shops within cycling distance of Holywood, with the tastiest choice of scones to eat when you get there.

Cost: £40 per participant, minimum four participants
Location: B&Q and Airport Road, weather dependent
Hours: A full morning or afternoon, see Facebook page for upcoming sessions or contact me to organise a training for your group of friends (or your club!)

One to one bike repair and maintenance

Are you sometimes frustrated by seemingly simple problems with your bike that you can’t seem to fix yourself, or just can’t seem to get round to?

Things like good brake adjustment, tuning your gears correctly, changing a cable or wrapping handlebar tape? Do you end up ‘making do’ with a wheel that rubs, or gears that clunk, because you’d rather be riding a rickety bike than not riding at all?

Time to get your hands dirty.

Join me for a one-to-one bike repair session, and we’ll fix and fine tune your bike together. You’ll get hands on experience of fixing your own bike, with the right tools, and in the right way.

You’ll leave with your bike repaired, but more importantly the knowledge to fix the same and similar problems again, or prevent them from happening in the first place.

Cost: £40 for an hour and a half, excluding any parts.
Location: My workshop at Seapark
Hours: To suit you

Corporate and organisational training

This is your opportunity to offer a completely different reward and incentive for your staff.

Parking is expensive. Traffic comes to a near standstill at rush hour. Public transport is crowded and delayed. But you can promote cycling among your workforce, rewarding them for their work and achieving great PR, environmental and social impact gains at the same time.

I offer on-site workshops for your staff on how to get their own and their families’ bikes in great working order.

Find out more about my corporate and organisation offer here.

That Holywood Bike Thing offers value for money bike repairs and bike maintenance, as well as workshops on safe cycling and cycle fixing. I have 15 years experience as a regular cyclist repairing and maintaining my own bikes, and nearly four years as a bike mechanic working with the bicycle re:cycle project in east Belfast and from my own workshop.

I am a qualified Cytech Technician, the recognised certificate for bike mechanics by the Association of Cycle Traders. I am also a certified First Aider, and have Access NI clearance.

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