Summer Bike Slumber

The nights have drawn in. The racing season is over. You know the answer to n+1, and that means it’s time to put your summer bike to bed.

You want to make sure it’s ready to go just as soon as the sun starts shining again, but it’s too tempting to promise yourself that you’ll have it serviced in March or April in time for that Majorca cycling holiday.

That’s right when everyone else is clamouring to get their summer bikes up to speed, you’ll regret not having it serviced now.

Get ahead of the game by ensuring your summer bike is put to bed properly this year.

Let me put your summer bike to bed and it’ll be a matter of minutes before you’re back on the road next season without any need for a spring service, replacement parts, or even new lube on your drivetrain.

What you get as part of my Summer Bike Slumber service:

  • Remove and clean mudguards (fixing them to your winter bike if required);
  • Top-to-bottom clean with specialist cleaner, followed by drying to prevent rust;
  • Check seat tube, clean, dry and regrease with specialist grip resin;
  • Headset check, cleaning and greasing tubes and bearing races, before reassembly;
  • Loosen and check bottom bracket, clean and regrease if necessary;
  • Remove pedals, clean threads and regrease;
  • Lightly grease the drivetrain to prevent rust;
  • Clean and lubricate all bolts, release tension and prevent corrosion;
  • Check tyres, inflate them to 80% recommended PSI to maintain shape;
  • Any further repairs, replacement etc. at 20% off my Workshop Price List cost.

Basic cost: £80, not including parts. That’s a value for money investment to ensuring your bike is fit and ready to go next season. You’ll only have to worry about your own fitness.

Special offer: If you bring your winter bike for service with me now, I’ll put your summer bike to bed for just £60.