School run pick up

What if you could get your bike fixed tomorrow, without doing anything but your normal school run?

There’s something wrong with your bike, but it’s a hassle to take it to Decathlon. First you have to get there. Then wait for an appointment. Then return again days later to pick it up. Plus, you’re never quite sure how much it will cost.

Support your local qualified bike mechanic and I will personally take your adult or children’s bike during the school run, then deliver it back to you – fixed and cleaned – when you’re picking up your kids.

I’m a parent of school age children too. I know all about squeezed time and juggling priorities. I also know a lot about fixing bikes.

That means I can offer a handy, fair priced school pick up service, returning your bike to you – often the same day – at your school, at your convenience. And because I work from home, I can guarantee to beat Decathlon workshop prices.

If you’re not delighted, I’ll work on your bike until you are.

I offer a familiar face, with friendly advice on bikes and getting the most out of your cycling around Holywood and beyond.

Pick up points: Holywood PS | St Patrick’s PS | Steiner School | Priory | Sullivan | Holywood Library

Contact me now to reserve your no-obligation school run pick up.

PLUS: I’ll give you a FREE puncture repair kit when I’ve fixed your bike

An idea of costs…

School gate puncture repair – I’ll fix your flat tyre at the school gate, including replacing your inner tube, checking your tyre and fixing the old tube for re-use. You’ll be back on the road in no time. £10

Espresso service – Adjust brakes and gears, check tyres and inflate, clean chain and rotating parts, check bolts and correct tightness, safety check and advice on good maintenance. £30

“I hit a pothole!” – My espresso service, plus clean, degrease, re-grease and set a grinding or loose wheel centre (hub), true wobbly wheel, replace punctured tube. £52.40

“Left to rust in the rain!” – My espresso service, plus install two new gear cables, install one set of brake shoes, install new chain. £64.20

“Show me how, save me money!” – We’ll work on your bike together, to learn anything from puncture repairs to replacing your chain; from setting and adjusting your gears, to servicing moving parts such as bearings and bottom brackets. £20 per hour, plus any parts.