School gate puncture repair

Most bikes get banished to the shed or the garage for the simplest of reasons, and there’s none so simple as a puncture. A family bike ride, a club run, a commute, only to be followed by an embarrassing emergency ‘can you come and pick me up?’ call. Then the bike goes straight into the shed.

You’re sure you’ll get round to your puncture in a day or two, but hasn’t it already been a week, a month, maybe longer..?

For every day your bike lies in the shed, you’re less likely to get it out again. The punctured tyre will begin to decay, the chain and frame will rust, your bike will become unuseable.

We can solve this problem together in less than 10 minutes, and at your convenience.

I call it my School Gate Puncture Repair.

You drive or wheel your bike to the school gates, just part of your normal drop off routine. There and then I’ll check for the cause of your puncture, replace your inner tube, fix your old one for re-use, and pump up your tyre ready to ride again.

I’ll even talk you through what I’m doing, to help you learn to fix your own punctures in the future.

My School Gate Puncture Repair costs just £15, including the cost of a new inner tube. I can meet you at any Holywood based school, or at Holywood Library at your convenience.

Contact me now to arrange this unique service.