Return to cycling

One minute you were young and free, then all of a sudden you had little ones crawling around your feet and any hopes for regular outdoor exercise – let alone getting out on a bike – were long forgotten.

Now they’re a little older, and suddenly they’re on two wheels. Is it you who feels left behind?

Perhaps you’ve lost your confidence? Perhaps your bike no longer works? Perhaps you no longer own a bike? Or maybe you don’t know where to cycle safely with your family?

Wouldn’t you like to return to cycling and go for family bike rides along our beautiful coastline, or among some of the most picturesque and quieter cycling roads and trails in Northern Ireland?

Wouldn’t you love to try the school run or commute by bike, instead of the daily mashup of going by car?

This package is all about getting adults back on their bikes, so they can support their children as growing cyclists, as well as giving them the confidence to commute by bike.

More cyclists around Holywood means safer cycling for all, as well as better physical and mental health. Especially for you.

All you need is a little support.

I’ll meet with you to discuss your needs: we’ll talk about what kind of bike you have or want, what kind of cycling you’d like to do, what might need fixing, what gear you need, and what else might be stopping you from getting out there.

We’ll carry out basic cycling safety checks and re-learn how to ride safely on the road, plus you’ll learn what it takes to guide your kids as they cycle with you. If you like, I teach you basic cycle maintenance, so once you’re back on two wheels, you’re more likely to stay there.

You’ll also learn about local safer cycling routes, and most importantly: you’ll find out about the best coffee and cake stops on the way.

When the time comes, I’ll ride with you alone, or with your family, demonstrating good practice and giving everyone the confidence to ride.

I charge just £10 for your first half-hour one-to-one consultation, then £20 per hour for tuition and further work together. We’ll decide on your aims and needs during our first meeting, and we’ll always go at your pace. It’s completely up to you how much or little coaching you feel you need.

Plus I’ll help you get the right bike, or bring your old one back to life. I can also help you buy and fit the right helmet, get the gear you need and source high visibility jackets for you and your family.