One-to-one bike repair

Are you sometimes frustrated by seemingly simple problems with your bike that you can’t seem to fix yourself, or just can’t seem to get round to?

Things like good brake adjustment, tuning your gears correctly, changing a cable or wrapping handlebar tape? Do you end up ‘making do’ with a wheel that rubs, or gears that clunk, because you’d rather be riding a rickety bike than not riding at all?

Time to get your hands dirty.

Join me for a one-to-one bike repair session, and we’ll fix and fine tune your bike together. You’ll get hands on experience of fixing your own bike, with the right tools, and in the right way.

You’ll learn how to keep your bike in top trim and ready for the road, and be able to identify when something needs adjusting or replacing, or when there is a more serious problem with your bike.

You’ll leave with your bike repaired, but more importantly the knowledge to fix the same and similar problems again, or prevent them from happening in the first place.

One-to-one repair sessions cost £40 for an hour and a half, excluding any parts. We’ll use my tools and my workshop, but at a time to suit you.

With a bit more knowledge, you’re certain to save money in bike repairs and servicing in the future.

Contact me to discuss your needs.