Offers and ideas for customers

Thanks for supporting That Holywood Bike Thing over the last year. I’d like to offer you a few treats, and share with you a few ideas for 2019, which I hope will get you as excited as I am about the months to come.

I’ll see you soon, and thanks again for your custom.

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Time for a service?
The best way to keep your bike in shape, and to save money on having to replace parts or have huge amounts of work done, is to have it regularly serviced. Was the last time your bike was serviced when you last brought it to me? If so, it might be worth bringing it back for a refresh. My ‘Espresso’ bike service is just £30, but as a previous customer I’ll give you £5 off if you book in your bike during the next month.

Holywood Bike Gym
Imagine never having to wash, degrease or adjust your bike? I’m testing the idea of providing a Holywood Bike Gym. You pay a monthly fee, and you can use me as your personal bike mechanic as often as you like. For £20 a month (minimum 6 months), I’ll degrease, clean and adjust your bike whenever you need it. You’ll also get 10% off any extra servicing, and market cost matching new parts if needed. Just drop your bike down to my workshop, and I’ll turn it around as a priority. Further discounts for multiple bikes, or family bike packages.

Club mechanic
I’m looking to partner with local cycle clubs, as well as groups of friends who regularly cycle together, to offer quality discounted cycle servicing for all your members. I can offer 10% off all my workshop prices for group members, plus I’ll put your logo and link on That Holywood Bike Thing website and announce it on Facebook. You’ll gain new members and a higher profile. Please ask your club chairperson or de facto leader to get in touch to set up the free partnership.

One-to-one training
Are you sometimes frustrated by seemingly simple problems with your bike that you can’t seem to fix yourself? Things like good brake adjustment, tuning your gears, changing a cable or wrapping handlebar tape? Do you end up ‘making do’ with a wheel that rubs, or gears that clunk, because you’d rather be riding a rickety bike than not riding at all?

Join me for a one-to-one bike repair session, and we’ll fix and fine tune your bike together. You’ll get hands on experience of fixing your own bike, with the right tools, and in the right way. One-to-one repair sessions cost £40 for an hour and a half, excluding any parts but including as much coffee as you can imbibe. We’ll use my tools and my workshop, but at a time to suit you. With a bit more knowledge, you’re certain to save money in bike repairs and servicing in the future.

Workplace training
Whether you work for a charity, a corporate or the public sector, I’ll come to your workplace to offer basic training on bike maintenance and repairs to you and your colleagues. Working on your bikes and offering the knowledge employees need to get on and stay on their bikes, your employer will benefit from a healthier, happier and more satisfied workforce. Great for the environment, for cycling, for your HR, media profile and staff retention. Please ask your manager to consider my workplace training, or if you are already the boss, please make the call now! Starts at £150 for a lunchtime session.

Holywood Bike Amnesty
Let’s be honest. Most of us have a bike, or even two, that’s fallen out of favour, seems to be unfixable, or our kids have grown out of. They sit in the garage year after year, gathering dust, because its just too much effort to put them on Gum Tree, or you’ll feel bad taking them down to the tip.

During 2019, I’m launching the Holywood Bike Amnesty. You can drop your old bikes to me, whatever their age and condition, and I’ll give you £10 off your next bike service. I’ll refurb bikes that are a good prospect for selling second hand; strip other bikes for parts and components that can be re-used; pass on bikes I can’t deal with to charities; and recycle all the rest.

That Holywood Pop Up Bike Thing
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