Following consultation with my industry body, The Association of Cycle Traders, and following Government advice, That Holywood Bike Thing will remain open on a part-time basis until instructed otherwise. I have provided some guidelines below, which will enable this to happen. Thank you for your attention and support.

Value statement: During this difficult time, it is my aim to support key workers to get to work, and those who seek to stay fit and healthy by providing quality bike mechanics, parts and accessories. My priority is the health and well being of all of my customers, and our wider community. I hope all customers will read this document and follow its advice. This is a real opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of cycling to all and to support the independent bicycle industry.

Priority: While I welcome all workshop business, I want to give priority to key workers who require their bikes in order to commute safely to work.

Precautionary principle: For maximum safety, I intend to run my workshop on the ‘precautionary principle’ of assuming myself and my family are infected with Covid-19. That means every action I will take, and will ask you to take, will be to prevent any infection to you.

No face-to-face: My workshop will be run on a no face-to-face basis. All communications, estimates, arrangements for drop off and pick up, and payment, will be done electronically by text, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or other means.

Pick up and drop off: We will arrange together a convenient time for you to drop or pick up your bike, and I will ask you to let me know by text or phone the exact time when you are on your way, so I can clear myself and my family from my workshop area. This is for your safety.

Protection: All bikes will be disinfected at major contact points (seat, handlebars, gears etc.) before I first touch them, then again before you pick up. During any service, I will be wearing protective gloves and will avoid where possible all skin to surface contact.

Workshop: I will regularly clean and disinfect surfaces and tools in my workshop.

Payment: This will only be possible by bank transfer or Paypal. I’m sorry that I cannot accept cash, and do not want to put you at risk of card fraud by taking card numbers over the phone or by email etc. You will be sent an invoice electronically, and will have 15 days to pay, unless otherwise agreed.

Change: Government policy and advice is continually changing. I reserve the right to change this policy, and to open and close my workshop, accordingly. You will be notified directly if it affects you, or otherwise you are welcome to follow my Facebook and website for information.

Questions: For any questions or clarifications, or to book your bike into my workshop, please text or message me on 07812 570 545, or email

Thank you for your support!

Gideon Burrows
Cytech Technician