Please contact me to book in your bike, to pose a question, to ask for advice or simply to say ‘Hi!’

It never hurts to get in touch, and you should never feel obliged to follow up by giving me your bike to work on, or to attend one of my workshops.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Covid 19 crisis, I am working fewer hours and have a longer waiting list. I apologies in advance for any delay in answering your queries, or not being able to take your bike right away. Thanks for your understanding.

The quickest way to contact me and get a quick response is probably by text. That’s because I’m always either out and about around Holywood, or have my hands covered in bike oil. You can text me on 07812 570 545 and I’ll reply as soon as I have a minute.

If you have WhatsApp, you can also message me directly on the App on 07812 570 545, but I tend to check this less often. Expect a day’s turn around.

If you follow That Holywood Bike Thing on Facebook, you’ll get more regular updates about the latest projects I’m working on, tips and tricks for cycling and bike maintenance, little teasers to keep you on your toes, and the occasional link I think you’ll find relevant and interesting. You can also message me directly from the Facebook page by hitting the ‘Send Message’ tab. I’ll often get back to you within a couple of hours.