Birthday bike builds

Bikes bought online can be a great gift for your young ones, but they often come in Ikea-like parts and need to be built.

It takes time, effort and a clear understanding of how bikes, gears and brakes work to put them together safely.

That’s tough when you have a busy schedule, can’t wait in for a courier, you don’t necessarily have the right knowledge or tools, and you’re trying to keep the whole thing secret from your little one until the big day.

This is where I come in.

I will:

  • Receive your bike, and check everything has been properly delivered and not damaged in transit – communicating with you, or your supplier, as appropriate;
  • Build the bike, ensuring everything is exactly as it should be;
  • Safety check the build, including ensuring every bolt is tightened to the correct torque;
  • Test ride (using my own kids as guinea pigs if necessary);
  • Store the bike, ready for you to pick up the night before or on the day itself;
  • Recycle any waste.

The cost for each bike build will vary, depending on the work involved in its construction.

Contact me now with information about the bike you intend to buy. I’m delighted to offer you a no-obligation quote before proceeding, and I’d be pleased of offer advice on alternatives should you want them.