Bike repairs for the whole family

There’s nothing better for a bike mechanic than the sight of families cycling together. Adults on their bikes, perhaps a toddler on the back, coaxing their young children like swans encouraging goslings as they take their first pedal strokes on the road.

I set up That Holywood Bike Thing to promote all kinds of cycling locally, but as a keen family cyclist myself, one core aim is to get more children and families cycling together.

That’s why I’m creating the services you’ve told me what you need to ride bikes that work well, safely and with confidence.

You told me you need help to keep your adult bikes in good condition. A bike that isn’t working smoothly will put you and your family off cycling, and a whole bunch of bikes will go into the garden shed and fall out of use.

I offer value-for-money bike maintenance, servicing and repairs, with experience of all kinds of bikes: from road and mountain bikes, to everyday hybrids and shopping bikes, and of course children’s bikes.

In particular, I’m keen that kids’ bikes stay in circulation. Like you, I’m sure a kid’s bike on a skip is a kid’s bike in the wrong place. Children’s bikes are often easy to fix, and as far as I’m concerned a mildly battered or scratched frame is a sign of good use.

It means your kids are getting the most out of their cycling life.

And if you have more than one child, or relatives and friends with young ones, your kids’ bikes will easily earn their keep by being passed on, again and again.

So, please bring all your family bikes to me, whatever their size, type, age or brand. I’ll do what I can to help you stay on the road or the seaside trail together.