Time to clean, degrease and protect

Let’s face it: no-one likes cleaning their bike. And after a long ride, a fun filled holiday, or a sunny ride that turned wet and muddy, the last thing anyone wants to do is get out the cleaning brushes.

Out of sight, out of mind. Right?

But did you know a dirty drivetrain (chain and sprockets) takes 40% more energy to turn, than one that’s sparkling clean? Leaving your bike wet, particularly here by the sea, is the key cause of rust on your frame, wheels, chain, handlebars… just about everywhere.

Allow the gunk in your headset, bottom bracket, adjustment bolts, derailleurs and drivetrain to build up, and your bike will run poorly, or stop working altogether.

This is where I come in.

I love getting my hands dirty, and I have the specialist ‘stuff’ and equipment to give your dirty bike the regular TLC it deserves. With a regular clean, degrease and check for problems, I’ll keep your bike ready for the road.

All you need to do is drop it to me, or arrange a pickup in central Holywood. You can book in your bike on an ad-hoc basis, or plan ahead for a regular clean, degrease and check service. I’ll even remind you when it’s due.

Remember: keeping your bike clean, degreased and properly lubricated will save you wear and tear on your bike, and keep it in good working order. That saves you money in the long term.

An idea of costs:

Ad-hoc booking: £20 per time
Monthly booking: £15 per time (minimum four consecutive months, pay in advance)
Fortnightly booking: £12 per time (minimum six consecutive fortnights, pay in advance)
Weekly booking: £10 per time (minimum eight consecutive weeks)

Note: these prices are for cleaning, degreasing and lubricating only. For full bike servicing please see my Workshop Price List.